What is IM?

Injected Media (IM) is a technology marketing company.

• Technology-specific marketing
• Led by scientists and engineers
• 35 Years of powerful design expertise
• Founded in June 2011 in Tucson, AZ

Technology start-ups deserve the same powerful marketing as today’s tech giants. IM provides intelligent branding across all visual media to give true innovation the acclamation it deserves. With this kind of powerful technology-specific marketing, the true value of technology – the science and art of engineering – gets discovered in quite a fashionable means…

IM’s portfolio of experience includes strategic business development, sexy branding for print, products and web presence, as well as complete modern product design. We provide sharp promotional coverage (using social media, photo and video) to drive attention to key technology-based brands. IM’s international client list spans highly influential individuals, brands, charities, and institutions we believe in…and treat like family.


Why Choose IM?

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Why IM?

Marketing needs to be done by someone who understands the technology.

Attract the market. Raise funding.

Every portion of a client’s discovery can be brought to light by people who understand the fundamental science and art of the final engineered technology. Distinct features, elegant systems, and novel ideas all deserve to enter the market in style. Equally as important, those ideas need to be profitable as a new concept enters the marketplace for sale. For either start-up or established companies, the idea is simple: Raising funding can only be accomplished by attracting funding.

Technical minds with an eye for exquisite design.

Injected Media (IM) is more than just a design firm or ad agency. IM’s team is comprised of technology experts that specialize in cutting edge product research and development. Our group of technologists has capabilities that collectively satisfy every need for developing rich technical content for our client’s target audience. Our interest in contributing to our client’s success is based on an appreciation for science and engineering that runs deep.

Our technologists have diverse backgrounds in:

  • Biochemistry & Chemistry
  • Biotech & Medical
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Systems and Industrial Engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Energy & Power Engineering
  • Prototype Engineering
  • Business Strategy & Development

Scientific minds
Technology-specific marketing
Superior branding and web development
Sleek product design
Fresh thinking.
Injected Media

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Injected Media (IM) is located in Tucson, Arizona near the University of Arizona. With our proximity to a Research 1 University and the surge of new technology companies in Arizona, we are actively involved in marketing ideas in a way that’s attractive to target audiences. Our support network includes scientists and engineers (technologists both in industry and academia), leading business minds, and investors who specialize in tech markets. If you are currently not familiar with our network, or want to learn more about our many capabilities – we urge you to get in touch.

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For Direct Business Inquiries:

Dominique Villela | (IM Profile)
Project Manager, Senior Developer and CEO

Direct Line: 520.245.0054 dom@becomeinjected.com

The IM Team

Dominique Villela, Project Manager & Lead Technologist (the CEO)

Meghaun Campbell, Project Coordinator & Content Developer (the wits)

Tommy Prestinario, Web Product Developer (the look)

Alexander R. Scott, Art Director and Business Strategy (the MBA)

Ryan Foran, Media Relations and Reporter (the news)

Dylan Ciciliano, J.D., Business Development & Policy (the legal)

Manny Teran, Business Development (the biz)

Arif E. Erkoca, Ph.D., Business Development, Aerospace & Defense